SNMP Agent component

The SNMP Agent core component allows you to monitor the health of a nio system through the standard SNMP protocol.


The SNMP component can be configured to work as an agent that can issue traps asynchronously or respond to requests synchronously.

  • Asynchronous mode sends traps whenever a service changes its status, and the new status is configured as part of the status_traps setting.
  • Synchronous mode allows retrieving the system uptime and service statuses.


You can configure the behavior of this component in your nio.conf file under the [snmp] section.

The following configuration options are available:

  • host—The host address for the SNMP Agent (default=
  • port—The port for the SNMP Agent (default=161)
  • community_index—The name of the index to use in the SNMP community (default=agent)
  • community_name—The name of the community (default=public)
  • trap_host—The host address for the SNMP trap server (default=
  • trap_port—The port for the SNMP trap server (default=162)
  • trap_community_index—The name of the index to use in the SNMP trap community (default=agent)
  • status_traps—The comma separated list of services to register status change of traps (default=error)

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