nio CLI

The nio command line interface (CLI) is a tool that simplifies many of the tasks needed to work with a local nio instance. This tool is included with your installed nio binary. The nio CLI is the primary tool for creating new nio projects, adding blocks to an existing project, and listing information about a running nio instance.

Quick Examples

Create a new project

nio new [your project name]

Add blocks to your project

nio add [block name]

List services in a running instance

nio ls services

Start/Stop services in a running instance

nio command <start|stop> <service-id>

This section outlines all of the available CLI commands that can be used when running the nio Platform locally.

Instance Access Arguments

Many of the CLI commands will access your nio instance's API. For example, the nio list commands will execute fetch (GET) requests to your nio instance. The host of this instance defaults to https://localhost:8181 but can be configured with command line arguments.

Custom nio Instance Host

This command will list the services running on an HTTP instance of nio running at on port 8182.

nio list --instance-host services

For SSL/HTTPS instances, you may need to pass the path to the certificate authority (CA) to verify your instance's SSL certificate. Do this with the --ssl-ca-path argument. This argument defaults to ~/.nio/ca.crt which is where the local CA would be created if you used nio new or nio config --ssl to configure your instance.

nio list --instance-host https://customdomain.local:8181 --ssl-ca-path /private/certs/ca.pem services

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