User Management

nio uses BasicAuth to authenticate to all of it's endpoints. For more information on nio authentication see Authentication and authorization

For added security, each password associated with a user name will be one way encrypted using the bcrypt hashing method. This protects nio user credentials stored on a device from malicious authentication. bcrypt hashing prevents reverse password lookups through the use of rainbow tables.

Adding a user

nio add_user <username> <password>

Creates a new user with the provided (hashed) password to authenticate to nio with.


nio add_user nio superSecretPassword

You should see the output:

Adding user: nio
Adding permissions for user: nio

After running this command you will be able to authenticate to nio by using this BasicAuth:

authorization: Basic bmlvOnN1cGVyU2VjcmV0UGFzc3dvcmQ=

bmlvOnN1cGVyU2VjcmV0UGFzc3dvcmQ= is nio:superSecretPassword base64 encoded

Removing a user

nio remove_user <username>

Removes the user from having the ability to authenticate with nio.


nio remove_user olduser

After running this you should see:

Removing user: olduser
Removing permissions for user: olduser

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