nio Deploy Tool

The nio deployment application, found at, is the graphical user interface used to deploy a version of an instance out to other instances.


Instance Configuration

An Instance Configuration is similar to a repository on GitHub. The Instance Configuration is designed in the System Designer only once, but can then can be deployed out to many instances which all need to run the exact same Configuration.

Instance Configuration Version

An Instance Configuration Version is similar to a release on GitHub. An Instance Configuration Version must belong to an Instance Configuration, can be named using any versioning scheme, we recommend semver, and must be unique.

An Instance Configuration Version is a point in time snapshot of an Instance Configuration. This can be useful, for example, if an update is deployed to a production system which does not function as intended and needs to be rolled back to a previous working version.


In order to do an initial deployment, first a new instance configuration must be released.


After successfully releasing an instance configuration there are two ways to proceed with the deployment.

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