Direct Deployment

A Direct Deployment is an instant deployment to instances that are externally accessible.

[info] Compatibility

If you can load your instance in the System Designer, you can deploy directly to it.


A few options can be set under the configuration section of your nio.conf file:

# specifies if modified services are to be started/stopped based on the
# auto_start flag

# specifies if existing blocks and services are to be deleted when not found
# in the incoming configuration

Doing a Direct Deployment

[danger] Requirements

A release must be done before a deployment can be done.

  • To do a direct deployment, navigate to the deployment tool on
  • Next click the deploy button in the top right corner.

  • Select the system with which you would like to deploy to.
  • You will then be prompted with the new Deployment Page:

  • Notice the instances at the bottom. They need to be assigned to the configuration that should be deployed.

  • Assign all the instances that need to be deployed to.

  • The next step is to select the correct version to deploy for each configuration.

  • After that is done, review the deployment and if everything looks correct click deploy!
  • The deployment will begin and will report its progress when complete.

Deployment Details

  • The deployment can be clicked on to view specific details about each instance that was deployed to. For instance, if the deployment reported as failed, you can click in and investigate which instance in particular may have caused the failure.

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