Release Cycle

Releasing a new or updated nio instance is similar to releasing a new version on GitHub.

Doing a Release

To do the first release, first click the release button in the instance toolbar:

Creating a new Instance Configuration

This will show the option to create a new Instance Configuration. Give your Instance Configuration a name and an initial version. We recommend v1.0.0 which follows the semver scheme.

Click ok to release your first Instance Configuration!

If you would now like to deploy, you should move on to:

Releasing a new Version

If an Instance Configuration is already created and only a new version needs to be released, select the Instance Configuration from the select field and then give the version a new number. Remember, an Instance Configuration Version can be named using any versioning scheme, we recommend semver, and must be unique.

Click ok to release the new Instance Configuration Version!


After successfully releasing an instance configuration move on to either of the following:

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