To view your organization's teams, hover over the user icon    in the top navigation (on mobile, select Settings from the dropdown menu) and select your organization from the dropdown.

Click teams in the left navigation to navigate to the teams page. From the teams page you can view all the teams in the organization and navigate to each team's profile page. If you are an owner or an organizer, you can also create teams.

Create a team

If you are an organizer or an owner of the organization, you can create a team. Creating teams is beneficial when you want to share a system from the nio System Designer with a group of users instead of sharing the same system with each user individually. On the teams page, enter a team name and click add to create a team.

If you are a collaborator, you can view teams but you are not able to create teams or modify the members of a team.

Team profile

If your organization has teams, you can click any team card to navigate to that team's profile.

From the team profile, owners and organizers can add an image to represent the team, modify the team name, add or remove team members, and remove the team from the organization.

Collaborators can view the team profile but can not make any changes.

Edit team name

If you are an organizer or owner of an organization, you can rename a team. To update the team name, simply enter a new name in the form field and click the blue button to update.

Update team image

If you are an organizer or owner of an organization, you can edit the team image. To add an image that represents your team, click the edit photo text under the team avatar and upload a new image (jpg, png, bmp, or gif file under 1MB) from your computer.

Add users to a team

To add users to a team, navigate to the bottom of the team profile page, find the user that you want to add, and click the add to team button in the top right corner of the user card.

Remove users from a team

To remove a user from the team, find the user's card on the team profile page. Click the blue remove from team button.

Remove a team from the organization

To remove a team from your organization, click the red text link in the top right corner of the team page. You will be prompted by a modal window to confirm that you actually want to remove the team from the organization.

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