To view or manage users in your organization, hover over the user icon    in the top navigation (on mobile, select Settings from the dropdown menu) and select your organization from the dropdown.

Click users in the left navigation to navigate to the users page. From the users page, owners and organizers can invite users to the organization, view each user and their status, and navigate to each user's profile page.

Collaborators can view users and user profiles but can not make any changes.

Invite users to an organization

If you are an owner or a collaborator, you can invite anyone to become a member of your organization by sending them an email invitation.

If you want to invite multiple users with the same permission level, separate the email addresses with commas to bulk-send invites to multiple users.

Status of users: invited or active

Users that have been invited but have not yet set up an account will have a gold circle next to their photos.

If you want to remind someone to set up an account, from the users page, find the user's card and hover over the three dots in the top right corner. Click resend to send a follow-up email invite.

You may also revoke an invitation from the same drop-down menu. If you no longer wish to invite the user to be a part of your organization, click remove.

Users that have been invited and have set up accounts will have a green circle next to their photo indicating that they are active within your organization.

User profile page

Clicking a user’s card will navigate you to that user's profile page.

If you are an owner or an organizer in the organization, you can update permission levels, assign users to teams, or remove the user from the organization.

If you are a collaborator in the organization, you can see profile pages, but you cannot make any changes.

Updating the permission level of a user

To update the permission level of the user, from the user's profile page, simply change the radio button beneath the user’s name. To see more detailed information about permission levels, see organization management.

Add a user to a team

While on a user’s profile page, you can quickly add the user to existing teams at the bottom of the page.

After you have added the user to a team, an icon will appear in the user’s card to show which team(s) that user is on. This icon also acts as a link to the team profile page.

Remove a user from a team

The “Current Teams” section on a user’s profile page shows all of the teams a user belongs to. To remove the user from a team, click the blue button in the top right corner of the team card.

Remove a user from an organization

To remove a user from your organization, go to the user's profile page. In the top right corner of the user’s profile, click the red text link. You will be prompted with a pop up modal to confirm that you want to remove the user from the organization.

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