Account profile

To access your profile, click the user icon    in the top navigation (on mobile, select Settings>Account Profile from the dropdown menu). You can also select your name from a dropdown that appears when you hover over the user icon.

Update profile image

From your profile page, click the edit photo text. Upload your new profile image (jpg, png, bmp, or gif file under 1MB) from your computer or external drive.

Update password

Users who created an account by entering their email and password will see this option on their profile. Users who signed up using the sign up with google button will not have the option of editing their credentials from the nio Portal.

From your profile page, enter your new password and confirm password. Click update and your password will be updated.

Password must be at least 8 character and contain at least one of each of these four character types:

  • lowercase letters (a–z)
  • uppercase letters (A–Z)
  • numbers (0–9)
  • special characters (!@#$%^&*)

Linking accounts

If you sign up for a nio account with an email and a password and then try to use social sign on (i.e., "log in with google") with the same email, you will notice that they are technically different accounts with different nio systems and instances. There is no automatic way to link your email/password and social sign-on accounts at this time. If you would like to link your accounts together so you can use either log in mechanism, then please contact support and we can take care of that for you.

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