System Designer introduction

The nio System Designer application, found at, is the graphical user interface used to build your nio system.

The System Designer workshop provides a good introduction to using the System Designer to build your first service.

Access the System Designer by clicking the design icon in the application switcher in the far left column.

System Designer overview

Systems cards

The systems cards are shown on the first screen in the System Designer.

  • To create a system, click the add new system card.
  • Learn more about systems.

App switcher

The leftmost column shows the app switcher that enables you to switch between applications. To access your systems in the System Designer, click the design icon in the app selector. If your license includes monitoring, you can view the system monitoring tool by clicking the monitor icon.

Instances and services list

The instances and services list is located on the left side of the System Designer.

  • To view the services within an instance, click the arrow next to the instance name.
    • The list of services displays below the instance name.
  • To view the contents of an instance in the canvas, click the instance name.
  • To enter the service context and view the contents of a service, click a service name.
  • Learn more about instances and services.

Header navigation

In the header you can switch between organizations with the organization dropdown, navigate to other parts of niolabs with the navigation menu, and logout of your account.

  • docs—reference documentation
  • blocks—information about all the nio blocks
  • workshops—self-paced tutorials
  • support—FAQs and contact form
  • forum—interact with other nio users
  • binaries—download the nio binary

The breadcrumb is located at the top of the System Designer.

  • As you navigate from system to service, the breadcrumb allows you to easily identify your location in the system.

Contextual toolbar

The contextual toolbar is located underneath the breadcrumb.

  • The contextual toolbar changes based on your location in the project, and displays the available functions.
  • Hover over the icon to reveal the name of the icon.
  • Some icons have a dual appearance when you toggle an action, such as starting and stopping a service.
Icon Description
Auto-Start On/Off

Canvas (service or block workflow graph)

The canvas is located in the center of the System Designer.

  • The canvas shows the content of either an instance or a service, depending on the context.
  • In the instance context, the canvas shows the interactions of the services in your instance.
    • To view the service workflow graph in the canvas, click the instance name.
  • In the service context, the canvas shows the interactions of blocks in your service.
    • The block workflow is designed by the user and represents the flow of data between the inputs and outputs of the blocks in a service.
    • To view a service's block workflow in the canvas, click the service's name.
    • To add a block to the service, install and then drag and drop a block from the block library onto the canvas.
    • Connect the blocks from output to input to create the block workflow.

Block library

The block library is located on the far right of the System Designer.

  • The block library is visible in the service context.
  • The block library contains blocks that are available for you to use to build the logic in your service.
  • In the search box, enter the name of a block. As you type, the list of blocks is filtered.


Click the intercom icon for support at any time.

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