These are some common errors and potential solutions. If your problem is not listed in this table, either contact niolabs support using the blue conversation bubble in the Portal or the System Designer or post your questions on the nio forum.

Error Possible cause Solution
Cannot go to System Designer, redirected to plan or subscription pages. Sign Up and Log In methods do not match (manual vs. social).

For example, a user signed up by entering an email and password, then later used "log in with google."
  • Use the same Log In method and Sign Up method.
  • See linking accounts at
  • Contact niolabs support to have your accounts linked.
  • Error Loading Instance
  • The instance is not running.

  • The instance is not reachable at the specified address (host) and port.
  • Disable any ad-blocker extensions that might interfere with System Designer API calls.

    For nio-managed cloud instances:
  • Contact niolabs support.

  • For self-managed instances:
  • Click edit, verify hostname and port are correct.
  • Verify instance is running.
  • If instance will not stay running, locate project log files and contact niolabs support.
  • Security Error. Cannot connect to an insecure instance when using HTTPS. Please use this version of the designer instead. The local instance is not secure, it lacks SSL certificates.
  • Visit to continue with an insecure connection
  • Load an SSL certificate by updating paths in nio.conf (docs here).
  • Type error An API error is preventing block specifications from being loaded. Contact niolabs support.
    No “nio-organization” header present in request. An API error is blocking access to a system. Contact niolabs support.
    [ERROR][Service Name.Block Name].process_signals failed A conflict with block configuration, and/or signals received, has caused a failure and the signal is lost.
  • Verify incoming signals have all fields required by block configuration.
  • Check block expression syntax.
  • Compare block configuration against block documentation.
  • For a self-managed instance, check the local log files where more information about the specific failure is available.
  • Contact niolabs support with any questions.
  • Warning: Auto-start is set to true, but the service is stopped A service that should be running is not running.
  • Verify that autostart is set as desired.
  • If service will not start, view logger panel for errors.
  • See Unable to start service. below.
  • Contact niolabs support with any questions.
  • Unable to Connect to Pubkeeper Server.
  • Pubkeeper server is not running.

  • Pubkeeper server is not reachable at the specified host.
  • For nio-managed cloud Pubkeeper server:
  • Contact niolabs support.

  • For self-managed Pubkeeper server:
  • Select system and click edit, verify hostname, port, and security settings.
  • Verify Pubkeeper server is running.
  • Unable to Save Block Unexpected token < in JSON There is an invalid block configuration where one or more entered fields are not able to be saved to the configuration file.
  • Check block configuration fields for typos.
  • Check block documentation.
  • Contact niolabs support with any questions.
  • Not receiving any messages in the logger panel and no error messages.
  • Signals are not being processed.

  • Service configuration has not been saved.

  • Service is not running.
  • Verify service configuration has been saved, then close and reopen service in the System Designer.
  • Verify the source of signals is producing signals: check the block configuration and all external services, systems, and devices.
  • Unable to start service. Block(s) have failed to configure and start.
  • See logger panel for accompanying errors describing blocks that have failed to configure.
  • Verify block configurations are correct and valid.
  • For a self-managed instance, check the local log files where more information about the specific failure is available.
  • <h1>400 Bad Request</h1><p>Could not have access to service: ‘remoteService,’ verify that service is actually running</p><hr/><p> v2.3.3(20180105)</p> A command was sent to a block in a stopped service. Start service, repeat command.
    Error fetching historical logs.
  • Service has not yet been run, log file does not exist.

  • Instance has stopped running since service was loaded in the System Designer.
  • Start service to create intial log file, reopen loger panel.

  • For nio-managed cloud instances:
  • Contact niolabs support.

  • For self-managed instances:
  • Verify instance is running.
  • Status Update Error. The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request. Typically caused by a temporary interruption to networking.
  • Try again.
  • Contact niolabs support.
  • Error while cloning block, command failed with return code: 1
  • Git is not installed

  • The installed version of Git is less than 1.8.4
  • Install or update Git
    My git port (9481) is blocked by my firewall
  • The IT folks are a bunch of sticklers
  • Update your .gitmodules file and etc/blocks.cfg file to use https:// instead of git:// for URLs. Then run git submodule sync and restart nio.
    No streaming logs from my local instance
  • The local instance does not know what its instance ID is
  • The local instance is connected to a different system's Pubkeeper server
  • Update your nio.conf file to make sure that INSTANCE_ID is set to your instance's ID and that PK_HOST/PK_TOKEN are pointed at the right system's Pubkeeper

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