User interfaces

In the nio Platform, user interfaces (UIs) are treated as first-class citizens within a system, capable of both subscribing to and producing signals. Traditional application architectures normally route all signals through a central server, which increases network traffic and load on that centralized infrastructure.

Pubkeeper, niolabs’s patent-pending peer-to-peer pub/sub communication product, allows UIs to subscribe to signals by leveraging the Pubkeeper browser client. The UI then secures the requested data directly from any node within a nio system that is able to publish it. The data may also be sent to or picked up from a central location like a websocket server or a Kafka store.

At niolabs, we use React for UI development. We have created a themed collection of React components we call the UI Kit, as well as a turn-key UI Scaffold that makes use of the UI Kit to get you started visualizing your system with nio and Pubkeeper.

Check out our quickstart guide to building a UI for a nio system. Please note that Node.js is required in order to build with the UI Kit

The following resources are designed to provide helpful information to nio users regarding the development and integration of user interfaces within a nio system. They are not official niolabs products and are not supported as such.

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