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Welcome to nio! Get familiar with designing and building distributed systems with the nio Platform.

To access the nio System Designer, sign up for a plan here:

How do you want to use nio?

The quickest way to use nio is in the cloud. A nio-managed cloud system does not require any installation and comes with a Pubkeeper server.

Most of the time, Pubkeeper runs invisibly in the background. However, for more customizable use cases, you can sign up for a license that includes a downloadable Pubkeeper server.

Here are some example configurations of nio and Pubkeeper ranked from simplest to the most customizable:

nio Platform Pubkeeper Server use case personal commercial
cloud cloud cloud applications ✔️ ✔️
local cloud distributed applications ✔️ ✔️
local local enterprise applications ✔️

Follow each link to see instructions for your use case:

  • Cloud Applications: (Beginner)
    • We run nio for you, and you use the nio System Designer to build cloud-based solutions.
    • The easiest way to get started quickly
  • Distributed Applications: (Intermediate)
    • You run nio wherever you want and use the System Designer to build and administer it.
  • Enterprise Applications: (Advanced)
    • You run nio connected to a Pubkeeper server on your local network.
    • To get started with your Enterprise Application, contact nio sales at

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