The config or cfg command displays the configuration of any block or service within your running nio instance. The configuration is returned from the nio Platform in JSON format and displayed.

When run without any parameters or with the optional project parameter, you will be prompted to enter configuration for Pubkeeper. These values are optional. Pressing enter without typing in configuration values will not change the corresponding fields in nio.conf.

The project option of this command must be run from the root level of your nio project directory.

The blocks and services option of this command will default for instances running on port 8181. The -p flag can be used to list block or service configurations from instances on other ports.

Example (blocks):

nio cfg blocks Simulate

returns the following JSON:

  'log_level': 'NOTSET',
  'total_signals': -1,
  'num_signals': 1,
  'attr_name': 'sim',
  'type': 'CounterIntervalSimulator',
  'name': 'Simulate',
  'version': '1.3.0',
  'interval': { 'days': 0, 'seconds': 1, 'microseconds': 0 },
  'attr_value': { 'end': 1, 'step': 1, 'start': 0 }

Example (services):

nio cfg services simulate-and-log

returns the following JSON:

  'sys_metadata': '{
    "Simulate": { "locX":443,"locY":238 },
    "Log":{ "locX":398,"locY":477 }
  'mappings': [],
  'auto_start': True,
  'log_level': 'NOTSET',
  'type': 'Service',
  'version': '0.1.0',
  'name': 'simulate-and-log',
  'execution': [{
    'receivers': {
      '__default_terminal_value': [{
        'input': '__default_terminal_value',
        'name': 'Log'
    'name': 'Simulate'
    'receivers': {},
    'name': 'Log'
  'status': 'stopped'

Example (project):

nio cfg project

Will first prompt you for Pubkeeper hostname and Pubkeeper token values to be put in your project's nio.conf file under the [user_defined] section.

Additionally, it will prompt you with the option to create and/or install an SSL certificate for your nio instance. This allows you to configure your nio instance with an additional layer of security and enables the nio System Designer to connect via HTTPS. For more information on SSL certificates and their application, follow this link.

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