Component Deployment

A Component Deployment is a deferred deployment to instances that are not externally accessible, or a component that should self update once a new version is released. This utilizes the nio config component.

[info] Designer

If your instance is not externally accessible, design the configuration and do a release in the nio System Designer using a cloud instance or an accessible local instance.

Doing a Component Deployment

[danger] Requirements

An initial release must be done before a deployment can be done.

To do a component deployment:

  • Make sure your nio instance has the nio deployment API component.
  • Get the Instance Configuration ID from the Release modal in the System Designer.

  • Copy the id value for the configuration you would like to use.
  • Paste that value into your nio.conf file under the [configuration] section.
  • Update the config_poll_interval value to the number of seconds you would like the component to check if an update is available. In this example we will use 60 minutes.
  • Your nio.conf [configuration] section should look like this:
# specifies if modified services are to be started/stopped based on the
# auto_start flag

# specifies if existing blocks and services are to be deleted when not found
# in the incoming configuration
  • That's all the configuration necessary for the config component. You can now run nio and do a new release and your nio instance will sync itself to the updated version!

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