Supported Systems

The nio Platform requires a few basic dependencies for local installation.

System Requirements

  • Python version 3.4+
    Visit the Python downloads page to download python.

  • Pip
    Pip is a package management system built for software written in Python. It already comes with Python3 >= 3.4, but it's a good bet you will need to update to the most recent version.
    To update to the most recent version, go here:

  • Git
    Git is a fast, scalable, distributed version-control system with a rich command set that the nio System Designer relies on for adding and updating blocks as part of your nio instance.
    Follow this installation guide to get started with Git.

Operating System

  • Linux (with Kernel 3.0 or above & GCC)
    If using a Linux OS, we recommend using a distribution that includes a modern kernel (Version 3.0 or above), with GCC and a package manager (like APT) pre-installed. This expedites the installation/setup process for our Python binary.

  • Raspbian (Raspberry Pi)
    For more information on our automated nio installation for the Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi Zero, check out this helpful blog.

  • MacOS (Version 10.9, Maverick, or above)
    For installation instructions, click here.

  • Windows (7–10, Server 2008–2012)
    For installation instructions, click here.

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